I’ve been in a bit of a slump, so when all else fails, draw what you love. :-) Enjoying the spring and eating pizza! NOM NOM. Looking forward to finishing this up.

I’m working on a collab with the talented Mike Bautista that I’m excited about! What if dogs discovered a lost ancient civilization of cats? I did the sketch and he’s going to do the lighting, what’s on here is just me messing around. :-D

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Curves, a collaboration between Haragos and myself. :-)

A collab I did with FRICKINAWESOME on Threadless. I really like how it turned out!

Click through or here to vote if you want. :-) Had a ton of fun working on this.

Spending my Saturday morning catching up on Community and drawing high pixies. :D

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Panda! Had fun with some embroidery on this guy. ⌒.⌒ #crafts #PoliteYetPeculiar

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New Puppy Scouts page!


French Toast! :D #crafts

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Rugs are a thing on Society6 now! :-D And I’ve also been a little better about updating it, though there are still a few things I need to put up. 

Threadless changed their Terms & Conditions too, so I’ll be able to make everything available as shirts! Whoop whoop. SOON.


Next pin! His tiny mustache~ #doodle

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Working on the next page of Puppy Scouts! :-D

6 pack of dogs. Amiright? #doodle #dumbjokes

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Anyone out there have a space junk food cat themed bathroom? Shower curtains! :-D

Sewing and watching Cheers on my lunch break. ⌒.⌒ #crafts

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I posted this as a doodle a little while back and figured I’d go ahead and finish it up for the dogs challenge. :-)

You can vote if you want to~