Valkyrie Profile is one of my most favorite games ever, so I’m doing a thing. :-D Her armor is tough to draw, but it feels nice to spend more than a few hours on something. I’ll post some more progress shots as I go. Can you name the three dudes at the top?

I’ve been itching to do some fanart lately and realized I haven’t seen much in the way of Red Dwarf shirt designs. I love Red Dwarf! I’ve read the books and watched the series twice and I’m sure I’ll watch it more. <3

Before I submit this to the daily shirt sites, any critiques?

Art Chat with Tiffany Ambrose

I did a little interview with my Threadpal Lidija aka Celandine Design. She posted it on the 4th, but I kept forgetting to post it! :-D

A little custom pin I did for an etsy customer. <3

The Stickerbomb guys are doing another book, this time it’s Skulls! :-D And my little adoraskull is going to be in it~ The official release date is August 25th. Whoop!

Just a quick doodle of a sleepy dog girl to try and get the feel for my new office. :-D Now it’s time to finish some things!

Something I’ve been meaning to post, but keep forgetting! A collab that I took part in is also part of the Adam White MADE collection. Lend a Hand, which is pretty appropriately named, I think. And a close up of my goopy hand. ;-D

I’m going to start posting again soon, hopefully. Our new house has still got that weird feeling to it, like we’re camping out in someone else’s home. But that feeling is slowly going away. :-D I want to resume Puppy Scouts SOON.

The Adam White MADE collection is live on Threadless!

A long time member and dear friend of the Threadless community, printed artist Adam White was recently diagnosed with early stages of multiple sclerosis and paresthesias. In an effort to help alleviate mounting medical expense, 30 Threadless artists have banded together to sell their work in this very special Adam White MADE Shop. 100% of net proceeds collected from pieces sold in this shop will be donated directly to Adam to aid his fight against this disease.”

And there’s a little preview of my contribution. :-D


For the character contest on Threadless. Votes would be vastly appreciated. :)

And for the curious, this character is from the Drunken Witch fantasy story (comic?) that I’m slowly working on in relative secrecy. Think Narnia meets Hitchhiker’s Guide meets screwed up morality/religion/philosophy conflicts. ‘u’

My wonderful friend has a thing up on Threadless for the Character contest. <3

I’m kind of sad that that challenge is over, I was having fun with it!

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A sneak peek of a thing coming up next week for a very good cause. Halftones make me happy. <3

An upcoming shirt design I’m going to do hopefully this week if packing doesn’t keep me too busy (moving to a new house!). Any Red Dwarf fans out there? It’s one of my favorite shows of all time.

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hi your felt brooches are very cute! i'm curious, what is your method of making them?

Thank you! I draw the design out, then I trace the pieces of it to make a pattern. Then I use the pattern to cut out the appropriate pieces of felt and then sew them together! Pretty much like anything else that you sew together, whether it’s a dress or a plushie. :-) Nothing crazy or fancy. The hardest part for me is the sewing, but that’s just because I’m so new at it.

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A style fan art for polite-yet-peculiar

This is awesome, thank you! :-D <3

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Little Miss Wearwolf shared my avocado brooch on her blog! The rest of the collection is pretty dang great too, so I wanted to share. :-) That strawberry hearts top is pretty much the best thing ever. Click through to see her blog post!

Do you use a cintiq for drawing? If so what kind and If not that's amazing your art is soo good!!

I use an old Cintiq 15x. It still works perfectly! The tools don’t make the artist, but it has improved my workflow immensely. :-D I love it to bits.

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