I animated this guy and he’s also up for voting/funding.


$5 off promo code - NRROFY

I submitted this one to the 20k challenge on Threadless. This and the coffee shark one will probably be it, unless I come up with something else that I really like. This is one that I’d like to wear, myself. I love bright colors and ass-kicking ladies.


That’s the code that will get you $5 off if you fund or basically pre-order this shirt. If 50 people pre-order it, it’ll get printed! :-D Oh dang. So reblogs are 100 bajillion times appreciated.


Something for fun, Finishing The Job. Colors! 

Here’s a rough version of a silly thing (it’s a coffee shark?). I think I’m going to submit it to the 20k challenge on Threadless just for the hell of it, but I’m pretty sure it’s too stupid to get funded.

A summer sequel of Within. Still need to adjust the glasses a bit. Drawing hair is always my favorite part. :3


Not roadblocks, barricades or even saw horses… Donkey Stands!? Remember to like, comment and subscribe if you enjoy it! We’d appreciate it! Woo!

Another one from Haragos!

I was trying to remember what the heck those donkey stand things were called this past weekend. I’ve seen some great desk setups using sawhorses. :-D

Hey, a new page! CLICKY

Been a little while~ The main Puppy Scouts tumblr is really easy to navigate if you want to check out past pages to refresh your memory. :-)

Post office trip tomorrow~ I need to make more things for my Etsy shop!

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I’ve been working on a youtube series with a few amigos… The first episode we attempt to get Megan Fox back from the evil Shredder. Co-Starring Michael Bay. If you like please share with your friends and subscribe… if you hate it share it with your enemies and make them subscribe.

A friend of mine started up a gaming channel on Youtube! :-D It’s pretty dang funny. He also did the art and animations for the intro, etc. I think it turned out great.

Finally working on the next Puppy Scouts page after a bit of a hiatus. ⌒.⌒

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I re-did this one for the girly challenge on Threadless, because ladies can be lazy procrastinators. I know I am.


A doodle for an Etsy customer. <3 #doodle #adventuretime

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Valkyrie Profile is one of my most favorite games ever, so I’m doing a thing. :-D Her armor is tough to draw, but it feels nice to spend more than a few hours on something. I’ll post some more progress shots as I go. Can you name the three dudes at the top?

I’ve been itching to do some fanart lately and realized I haven’t seen much in the way of Red Dwarf shirt designs. I love Red Dwarf! I’ve read the books and watched the series twice and I’m sure I’ll watch it more. <3

Before I submit this to the daily shirt sites, any critiques?

Art Chat with Tiffany Ambrose

I did a little interview with my Threadpal Lidija aka Celandine Design. She posted it on the 4th, but I kept forgetting to post it! :-D